Lohan Mykonos


The greatness of a restaurant rests in the details. Fresh, local ingredients are hand-selected by renowned Chef Alsi Sinanaj, marvelously combined and exquisitely served to entice all your senses. Experience Mediterranean cuisine with a metropolitan sophistication. Revel in a selection of flavors to stimulate even the most refined pallets. Choose meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, complimented by a wide selection of vintages. The culinary experience is refined by quality service and luxurious surroundings.

About the Chef

Chef Alsi Sinanaj is dedicated to his passion for creation, combining raw materials with culinary art. His journey began with his introduction to Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. As a spirit that never rests, Alsi never stopped evolving. Polynesian cuisine begin its influence in 2010, followed by studies in Japanese, Peruvian, Siamese and Cantonese cooking. The cooperation with Chef Heinz Winkler (3 Michelin Stars) and Chef Tong Chee Hwee (Hakkasan 1 Michelin star) were memorable moments in his career, as well as his participation in several culinary festivals throughout Europe. Alsi’s current restaurant concepts in Athens include authentic Chinese street food restaurant Peking Duck, as well as the renowned steak house Wolves of Kitchen. One of the many characteristics that set Alsi apart is his ability to communicate the principles of commitment and respect to his team. His talent is in choosing the best, freshest, and purest raw materials, and treating them with the respect they deserve. Combining these elements while at the same time elevating each individual one is what makes Alsi Sinanaj a true artist in the kitchen.

Eat & Drink

Our cocktails range from classics to a few of our own refined signature cocktails that have to be tried at least once! Our mixologists have expertly crafted each drink to taste like summer in a glass. Every refreshing sip will be a promise of Nirvana. Each drink can be savored, from coffees to juices, to milkshakes and smoothies, in different palatable flavors! Your thirst will undoubtedly be quenched!

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