Lohan Mykonos


The greatness of a restaurant rests in the details. Fresh, local ingredients are hand-selected by renowned Chef Alsi Sinanaj, marvelously combined and exquisitely served to entice all your senses. Experience Mediterranean cuisine with a metropolitan sophistication. Revel in a selection of flavors to stimulate even the most refined pallets. Choose meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, complimented by a wide selection of vintages. The culinary experience is refined by quality service and luxurious surroundings.

Eat & Drink

Our cocktails range from classics to a few of our own refined signature cocktails that have to be tried at least once! Our mixologists have expertly crafted each drink to taste like summer in a glass. Every refreshing sip will be a promise of Nirvana. Each drink can be savored, from coffees to juices, to milkshakes and smoothies, in different palatable flavors! Your thirst will undoubtedly be quenched!